Shoelace Boob Necklace

Shoelace Boob Necklace


These “boob necklaces” I have been working on for a while…this will be part of a collection/series of necklaces I have made. Over the past year, so many pendants either broke in the process of casting, or I simply didn’t love what I made. Finally, I knew I loved my shoelace collection so decided I would shape my shoelaces into the shape of boobs! My intentions all along have been to create something beautiful and playful, and of course I am hoping that every little donation we make toward the Ellie Fund can help someone in need of their awesome services. Please stay tuned on this collection!

“Narrow” size is shown in first photo. “Wide” size is in third photo - it aligns with your collar bone. Chose your length (normally around 18” works & I leave room to make longer or shorter!). Also, include in order which stone you would like. I place the stones in the spot where the shoelace connects to the chain. I love moonstone as it is great for healing (inner strength & soothing for emotions, shown in pic) - but will do any stone of course! They are all wonderful.

15% of the $165 goes to the Ellie Fund, an incredible non-profit local to the Boston area. (

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